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Alexa O’Brien Huntress Book 8

September Moon

Death is coming for Alexa O’Brien. 

Alexa must stop Shya from claiming Lilah’s vacant throne. If the demon succeeds all hell will break loose. Forming alliances is a challenge. The vampires hate her and the wolves don’t trust her. Rebellious vampire activity creates tension between Alexa and the FPA. It gets ugly when the covert government operation learns that Shya needs her as a sacrifice.

The strain of what’s to come is weighing on both Arys and Alexa. Arys’s need to protect her is as strong as his growing desire to kill her. Haunted by visions of her death at his hand, Arys can no longer trust himself. The strength of their bond is about to be put to the test. 

Coming July 11, 2014




Rebel Heart Book 1


Spike is a bad ass rock n’ roller with an attitude to match. She’s also a nephilim, half angel and half human. Mortal with limited angelic traits, she’s a wild child living the rebellious and sometimes dangerous rock n’ roll lifestyle. Spike wants nothing to do with her father’s kind, believing she has no place among them. Until she’s approached by an angel who insists she’s needed to join the battle between light and dark.

This series takes place in the same world and city as the Alexa O’Brien Huntress series, though each series stands on its own.

Official blurb coming soon.

Release Date TBA


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