Stranded by a snowstorm, two travelers discover that one night of passion can forge a bond that challenges time and distance. Jonah is on the prowl for someone to pass the time with in bed when he meets Violet, a raven-haired beauty in need of assistance. She is just what he desires to stay warm on a cold night. Feeling daring and adventurous, Violet decides being stranded with sexy Jonah may not be such a bad way to ride out the storm.

When a one-night love affair becomes something bigger, Jonah and Violet are forced to make a choice. Do they fight for what might be, regardless of the fact they live in different countries? Or do they walk away and keep the memory of one beautiful night?

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Violet and Jonah are compelling characters that you can’t help like. The thought of meeting someone the way they did is very romantic. – Romance Writers Reviews


Contemporary Erotic Romance
Cover Art By: Syneca




Jonah watched Violet slip a spoonful of chocolate mousse into her mouth. It was the simplest action but it was sexy. His gaze lingered, waiting for her to lick the stray smear from her lower lip. He looked up to find her watching him knowingly. A grin spread across his face. Busted. At least she hadn’t caught him checking out her breasts, which he’d already done numerous times.

“So, what do you do?” Jonah took a bite of his apple pie though his interest lay elsewhere.

Slipping another spoonful of dessert into her mouth, Violet held his gaze. Amusement sparkled in her eyes. “I work in marketing for a local radio station back home. Nothing too glamorous but it pays the bills. I do get to meet a lot of interesting people. So it’s cool.”

“Sounds very cool. Better than being just another corporate slave.”

“You don’t like your job? Then why do it?” She shrugged as if it was really that simple. “What would you rather be doing?”

Jonah hadn’t thought about it in a long time. Work had come to take precedence in his life over hobby and passion. “Actually, I used to draw a little. Mostly pencil sketches, some paintings. I don’t get to do it much anymore.”

“So you’re an artist masquerading as a businessman. Interesting. Sounds a little tragic.” Violet sipped from her wineglass, pushing her dessert dish away.

Tragic. He hadn’t really thought of it like that. Drawing had been therapeutic for him. He did miss it. It shouldn’t be so hard to make time to pick up a pencil once in a while.

“Don’t tell me you’re going back to your room now. It’s still early. Come with me to the bar for a drink?” He had nothing to lose by asking. There was something about Violet he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He liked her and wasn’t ready for their interaction to end, regardless of whether or not she would sleep with him.

She made a face and sighed. “Going back to my room is the last thing I want to do. I got sucked into sharing a room with two older ladies who don’t speak a word of English. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing considering the circumstances. But it’s been pretty awkward to say the least.”

“So I’ll take that as a yes.”

Jonah covered the bill and tip despite her insistence she could pay her share. He had to laugh at her feisty protests. Still, he waved them away with the promise that she could buy the first round of drinks in the bar.

Every hotel patron that wasn’t in the restaurant seemed to be crammed into the lounge attempting to lose themselves in liquor. What else was there to do? Well… Jonah could think of one thing.

He was intrigued when she ordered a whiskey on the rocks. He was impressed when she tossed it back and slammed the glass on the bar, waiting for another. With a critical expression, Violet surveyed the crowded room.

“This sure isn’t where I’d planned to be tonight but I guess it’s really not so bad.”

A small group had formed a dance area by pushing tables aside. Taking Violet by the hand, Jonah pulled her over to join them. It was a great opportunity to get a little closer.

“Oh no, I don’t dance.” Shaking her head, she tried to pull away.

“One song. That’s all I ask.” Jonah did his best to charm her, turning on the puppy-dog eyes he’d been famous for since childhood. “Unless you’d rather go for a swim. I bet the pool is open.”

“Since I didn’t bring pool attire, I’m going to have to pass on that one.” Pushing her hand through her shoulder-length layers, she tilted her head to the side and appeared thoughtful. “Fine. One song. And that’s it. Dancing is not my friend.”

She was right about that. Before they’d even started she was stepping on his feet. He couldn’t help but laugh. She slapped him playfully and he pulled her into his arms before she could change her mind. Jonah breathed deeply of her scent. It was refreshing and alluring. Like flowers with a hint of vanilla. It made him long to brush his lips across her warm flesh, to breathe her heady scent as he touched her.

Violet was stiff in his embrace at first. As they laughed and made light of the whole situation, she began to relax.

“I told you I can’t dance. I make a much better spectator.”

“What are you talking about? You’re doing great.” He feigned a pained expression when she stepped on his foot again. “See, fantastic.”

Her cheeks reddened and she stopped. “Okay, you had your one dance. That’s enough.”

“What? But the song isn’t over.”

“Close enough.”

Jonah didn’t give her a chance to pull away. He kissed her, a chaste but intense kiss. It left her momentarily flustered. She gazed up at him with a smile. Just when he expected her to deliver a brush-off line, she slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

There was a timid quality to her that Jonah found enticing. She was delicious. The touch of her tongue was soft and sensual. He had to have her.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Violet’s lips moved against his. “I don’t usually hook up with strange guys in hotels.”

“First time for everything. I promise not to judge if you don’t.” Holding her close, Jonah boldly pressed his growing erection against her. “Besides, you know what they say about staying warm in a snowstorm. Nothing like body heat to keep the chill away.”

“Is that an invitation?” With a brow raised and a playful smile, Violet stroked a hand through his hair.

“Most definitely. I didn’t get stuck sharing my room. It’s all ours.”

He could see her thinking it over. There was no doubt in his mind that she spoke the truth. She didn’t usually do this kind of thing. It was evident in the innocent way she gazed up at him. There was longing in her eyes and also awareness. No, this wasn’t the norm for her but Violet had some bad girl inside. He could see it.

A one-night stand was a brief affair that some gave little thought to while others refused to take it lightly. One night could change a person. It could create a memory worth forgetting or one worth clinging to for life. Jonah waited for Violet to decide where she stood.

“I’ll accept your invitation. If you accept the challenge of making me hot enough to forget there’s a blizzard outside.”

That was a challenge Jonah was happy to accept. The stiffening member between his legs grew harder. “Consider it done.”


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