Flipped by Olivia Brynn

I’m happy to welcome Olivia Brynn to my blog for a fun filled interview with Mario, a character from Olivia’s new release, FLIPPED. Happy to have you Olivia. – Trina

OB – Hey, thanks for having us over, Trina. This is Mario Gutierrez. He drove me over here today, and I thought we were going to die.

MG – What do you expect? My first name is Mario!

OB – Whatever. I should have named you Harold or something. But you were a Mario as soon as you opened your mouth.

MG – Thank God for that. Hey, pass me that lemonade.

I hand him a glass of lemonade, and he adds two scoops of sugar. I see Trina smothering a laugh.

OB – That’s disgusting.

MG – You don’t want to see my sour face. Got any cookies?

OB – We’re not here to eat Trina out of her house. We wanted to catch up with you. I hear you and Carter have this thing…

MG – You hear that, huh?

Mario rolls his eyes and mumbles something about psychotic authors under his breath.

OB – Okay, smartass. So I’m aware of what went down at that house you’re flipping. I was just being discreet, you know. Not everyone has read the book.

MG – Yeah, well you’re right. Carter and I have this thing. You know, we’ve been friends for years, we’ve lived with each other for years, and I swear I never looked at him any way but platonic in all that time.

OB – So what happened? You guys went out for a drink, and all of a sudden he’s desirable to you?

MG – Well, yeah kinda. I mean, maybe there was more than alcohol in that drink. Or maybe I was just not thinking straight—

OB – Oh that’s rich.

MG – Shut it. Now where was I? Oh yeah, the drink. I’d only had one. Two maybe, but not enough to give me beer goggles.

OB – You had a beer?

MG – Oh hell, no. Carter drinks that shit. I had a screaming orgasm.

OB – Trina, what’s this blog rated? Can he say that?

MG – It’s just a drink! I’ll make you ladies one.

OB – That’s okay. Really. Tell me about the house you’re flipping.

Mario settles back in his chair and stirs his lemonade.

MG – It’s coming along. We just finished the den. You know how I hate drywall work.

OB – Oh that’s right. You’re a construction foreman, so you’re used to ordering other guys around, you don’t have to do the dirty work.

MG – Yeah! See? You get it. Explain that to Carter, would ya?

OB – Just finish the project so you two can relax.

MG – Yeah. Carter is painting the trim, and I’d hate to see how that turns out.

The faraway look in his eye tells me he isn’t imagining Carter with a paint brush. It takes me three attempts to pull him out of his daydream.

OB – Mario! Do you need to go?

MG – Well maybe I should. You know, supervise what Carter’s…uh…working on.

OB – Sure. Blame your pickiness. We all know you’re just anxious to get home. Go on then, I’ll catch a ride with Trina later.

Mario’s grin is both boyish and explicitly naughty at the same time.

MG – Thanks, ladies.

Trina and I watch him run to his car and peel out like the Andretti we all know. We shake our heads.

OB – So, what do you think, should we look up the Screaming Orgasm recipe?


Now it’s your turn! Ask Mario any question. He’ll be by to answer in the comments. All commenters will be eligible for a drawing to win a digital copy of Flipped (or any one of Olivia’s backlist). Winner will be drawn tomorrow and posted right here.

For more about Flipped, check out Olivia’s Website.

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Curious about Mario? Jesus Luz was the inspiration for him. 

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  1. It seems you have a bit of a sweet tooth, Mario, even if you are a bit prickly and alcohol gives you all sorts of interesting thoughts. How would you describe Carter? Or better yet, how would he describe you?

  2. You’ve got me, Sasha. I love sweets. It works out well because Carter likes the salty snacks. How would he describe me? Well, he’s always saying I talk too much. The other day he complained because he “couldn’t hear a damn thing” when watching the game. I mean really, who watches baseball with the sound on anyway? I really don’t think I talk too much, I think he just doesn’t talk enough. I mean, I just have so many great stories to tell. Why keep them to myself?

    Oops, there I go again.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Mario!
    My question is what do you love most about Carter???


  4. Hey Andie.

    That’s a tough question. I think one of the things I admire about Carter is his determination. The guy gets an idea in his head and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. There’s this little muscle in his jaw that ticks when he starts to dig in his heels about something or other. It’s just adorable. And it’s my cue to not fight him.

  5. andieleah78, congrats! You were randomly chosen to receive a copy of Flipped, or any one of my other backlist titles. I’ll email you right away.

    Thanks Andie and Sasha for visiting, and thanks to Trina for having me!

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